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Justice League: Gods Among Us by Andrew Milito (based on characters from DC Comics)

Part nine of Volume II of my DC cinematic universe "rebirth" series. Many months have passed since the White Martian invasion, and things have finally calmed down. The rift to the Phantom Zone left by the Martians has mostly stabilized, and, while they've faced threats of their own, the members of the Justice League have yet to find a threat that requires a reunion. That is, until now: tamperment with the Kryptonian technology left on Earth awakens a Kryptonian artificial intelligence program, now corrupted and seeking out an endless supply of knowledge. Dubbing itself Brainiac, the program wreaks havoc on ...

Gods of Egypt (2006) by Alex Proyas

What if Gods of Egypt came out 10 years earlier?

The New Adventures of Mr. Men Show by Roger Hargreaves

The Adventures of Mr. Men and Little Misses Return to the Tv Series

Blue Sky Studios Villains by Blue Sky Studios

The villains from Blue Sky Studios.

The Peanuts Movie (Frat Pack) by Blue Sky Studios

What if "The Peanuts Movie" had been made with the Frat Pack?

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It's 1945. Defeat is all but inevitable for the Axis Powers... until it isn't anymore, ...


Arthur Bremer was the assassination to kill Alabama Governor George C. Wallace on May 15, ...

Project Sonic 2017 (Sonic Resistance)

An upcoming game installment in the Sonic the Hedgehog series under the production title Project ...

Bride Wars (2019)

Bride Wars made 10 years later.

The New Adventures of Mr. Men Show

The Adventures of Mr. Men and Little Misses Return to the Tv Series


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